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Hi,I'm Qifan YANG.Young student of 25 years. Today, I complete my training with a degree in systems engineering, networks and telecommunications at the University of Technology of Troyes as well as a specialization in mobile technologies and embedded systems.

I'm really autonomous, energetic for technologies. I hope that my qualities and skills will convince you to commit me to work together on your mobile or embedded systems projects.

Besides my everyday studay,I like reading,singing,swimming and photography.Understand that code is not the whole life.

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Android development requires a sustained and long-term learning, the need for knowledge in a variety of areas have sufficient reserves, the need for new technology to learn to maintain enthusiasm. Efforts are currently being made to study the stage.




React Native

React JS






I then came to France in 2012, after graduating from Shanghai University, for a French Engineer Degree in IT Engineering at Université de Technology de Troyes. During this study in France, I'm happy to communicate with the French friends. At the same time, I've also learned a lot of development of the basic knowledge.

Until Now 2,2017

Paris VISEO Technologies

Mobile Developpeur

I've been mostly worked in Mobile Development,especially in Android Native and React Native. The most time of my work is tring to build a highly efficient and responsive mobile application for our clients.

2,2016 9,2015

Paris SIPCOM Society

Web Development Engineer

I am mainly responsible for the company's official website, the daily operation of the page, management background page optimization. Work is very saturated, but in time to spare time to learn a lot of new frameworks and libraries, AngularJS and JQuery have a certain understanding.During this internship, I've improved my skills especially in developing front-end and back-end

06,2017 09,2013

Université de Technology de Troyes,France

Engineer's Degree :Systems Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications

Ever since I stduied in France, I mainly studied such as operating systems, computer networks, JAVA, Android, assembly language, machine learning and so on. Since university and especially during my French Engineer Program, I've had the chance to work with researchers of various backgrounds on different subjects, mainly regarding systems mobiles,network protocols,website developmen through research projects at school and full-time internships in franch company .It's my pleasure, at an early point of my career, to have been able to discover these exciting projects which has also been helpful to my career planning.

06,2014 09,2011

Shanghai University

Bachelor of Engineering : Information and communication engineering

I mainly studied such as C / C + + programming language, data structure, compilation principles etc during my three years in university. These basic knowledge lay a solid foundation for my study abroad in France. Besides, during the school I participated in community activities particularly in the 24-hour innovation contest, I won the second place in Asia's division.


The following include my own projects, company projects, recommended sites.

It’s interesting to see what designs and features others have come up with. I 'm enjoyed building my personal blog by using Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

Personal Blog

This is an Android project developed with friends. The goal is to be able to practice the Android architecture MVP (Model-View-Presentation), but also use the ButterKnife and VolleyUtil two open source framework to facilitate code.


At the very beginning of this Android project, I haven't ever learned anything about knowledge Android. Thanks to this project, almost of basic android knowledge such as how to use a variety of Fragment, Activity and other basic components. Last but least, I have learned about Goole API this project which has also been helpful to my career planning.


I achieved with the CSS and Javascript on the interface on the optimization. And then use the JQuery on the entire site to achieve a self-adaptive screen.

Original offsite website for company

During the internship, I designed the initial interface of the entire mailbox and implemented .NET and Lumisoft to actually write this site.

Company official website mail


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